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Here are some activities to do with your family!

HDSB Google Slides - The Outdoors (16:9 format)

The Outdoors

Items in Nature

Collect natural items on a walk or at home.

How many items did you find?

What can you create with your items?

What story can you tell?

The Arts

Make music and move!

Play different types of music and move to the rhythm.

Run, walk, hop, march, glide! Clap to the beat.

Make your own music by drumming on pots, or make shakers by adding different things (e.g., pebbles, lego, or beads) to containers with lids.

HDSB Google Slides - The Arts (16:9 format)
HDSB Google Slides - Math (16:9 format)


Be a number detective!

Look for numbers around your home and all around you.

Where do you see numbers in your world?


Make bubbles!

Collect utensils from your home (e.g., slotted spoon, fly swatter, spatula, or other items that have holes).

Make your own bubble solution with dish soap and water. Head outside to make bubbles.

What do you notice about the bubbles?

HDSB Google Slides - Sensory (16:9 format)
HDSB Google Slides - Building (16:9 format)


Build a fort!

You could use blankets, sheets, towels, chairs and pillows.

How would you build your fort?

What would you use it for?

Science and Discovery

Go on an imaginary adventure!

Pretend you are running through a forest.

When you come to a branch, duck down.

When you reach a log, jump over.

When you find a pond, get in and swim.

When you meet a bear, run fast!

HDSB Google Slides - Science and Discovery (16:9 format)
HDSB Google Slides - Language (16:9 format)


Sing the alphabet song in different ways!

Sing it loud, sing it soft, sing it fast and sing it slow.

What other songs can you sing together?

Dramatic Play

Show your feelings

Create movements to show different feelings.

How can you move to show you are happy, sad, mad, surprised, or scared?

HDSB Google Slides - Dramatic Play (16:9 format)