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Let's go to Kindergarten!

Let's Explore a Classroom!

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Here are some activities to do with your family!

HDSB Google Slides - The Outdoors (16:9 format)

The Outdoors

Items in Nature

  • Collect natural items on a walk or at home.

  • How many items did you find?

  • What can you create with your items?

  • What story can you tell?

The Arts

Make music and move!

  • Play different types of music and move to the rhythm.

  • Run, walk, hop, march, glide! Clap to the beat.

  • Make your own music by drumming on pots, or make shakers by adding different things (e.g., pebbles, lego, or beads) to containers with lids.

HDSB Google Slides - The Arts (16:9 format)
HDSB Google Slides - Math (16:9 format)


Be a number detective!

  • Look for numbers around your home and all around you.

  • Where do you see numbers in your world?


Make bubbles!

  • Collect utensils from your home (e.g., slotted spoon, fly swatter, spatula, or other items that have holes).

  • Make your own bubble solution with dish soap and water. Head outside to make bubbles.

  • What do you notice about the bubbles?

HDSB Google Slides - Sensory (16:9 format)
HDSB Google Slides - Building (16:9 format)


Build a fort!

  • You could use blankets, sheets, towels, chairs, and pillows.

  • How would you build your fort?

  • What would you use it for?

Science and Discovery

Go on an imaginary adventure!

  • Pretend you are running through a forest.

  • When you come to a branch, duck down.

  • When you reach a log, jump over.

  • When you find a pond, get in and swim.

  • When you meet a bear, run fast!

HDSB Google Slides - Science and Discovery (16:9 format)
HDSB Google Slides - Language (16:9 format)


Sing the alphabet song in different ways!

  • Sing it loud, sing it soft, sing it fast and sing it slow.

  • What other songs can you sing together?

Dramatic Play

Show your feelings

  • Create movements to show different feelings.

  • How can you move to show you are happy, sad, mad, surprised, or scared?

HDSB Google Slides - Dramatic Play (16:9 format)